Post Malone live

Alright y’all, we have this Posty guy as our headliner. We’ve all accepted this, right?

Not gonna lie: I could definitely jam to his tunes while especially drunk. It’ll be a hot time, for sure. I’m hoping for some sweet collabs/special guests because he just feels like that sort of dude.

BUT, if y’all remember, this sub sort of trashed on Eminem for using backing tracks and rapping over them (‘member?), and having a mediocre headlining performance in 2011 (I was not of that opinion, but to each their own).

Watching some live performances of Posty from Coachella and Gov Ball, he REAAAAALLLY relies on those more than most rappers/pop acts I’ve seen live.

Just want y’all to keep this in mind. Go in with no expectations, maybe he’ll do a fucking acoustic set for Roo...who knows. I’ll be getting fucked up and eating, though.

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